Monday, September 15, 2008

More Commercial Commentary

When will the woman in the Glade commercials realize that no one is fooled by her "it's french" or "I cleaned all day" act. Why is she so ashamed to admit she uses Glade products? And why is it so hard to believe that yes, it is indeed Glade. The company has been at it for a very long time so it stands to reason that they have mastered the art of scented candles.

How disturbing is that Pasta Dude in the Dominoes commercials? Why is Pasta Dude a rapper? They have the whitest white kid in the whole world and then make him use urban slang that sounds so uncomfortable. If we are to trust Urban Dictionary, and why shouldn't we, "tight" means "cool, hip, fashionable," which hardly describes pasta. One must go five definitions deep to find "Modern use: describes something particularly enjoyable or awesome." If that's what they're going for why not just have the pasty faced white kid say "awesome." It would sound so much more natural. And did they have to use a ziti noodle with its pointy extension between its legs? In case you can't tell, this commercial annoys the bejeezus out of me.

Okay, I love the AT&T rollover minutes add with the "milky minutes." I love the kids snickering. What I don't love is that the dad wipes the spilled milk into the trash can (which is sitting next to the table?) and then sits there. He doesn't get a paper towel or dish cloth to wipe up the rest of the milk or wash his hands. He just continues what he's doing. It bugs me. a lot.

That's all I have for now. It's late and "Poker After Dark" is on (it still makes me giggle). There's a 12 year old player (okay, he's probably 20-something) with disturbing blue eyes and a player actually named Huckleberry Seed. What were his parents thinking?


woolanthropy said...

That's Gladé to you missy! Personally, I love my house to smell like a French whore.

Huckleberry (Hay)Seed totally fits that guy.

Ellen Bloom said...

Yeah...about that Pasta Dude commercial. In one version, the Dad totally kills the Pasta Dude by whacking him hard. What's that about?

Me thinks we all watch a little too much TV!