Sunday, September 21, 2008

More kitchen disasters

I tried the flatbread recipe I found on a blog after consulting the ladies of SnB for advice as to how much baking soda to use. Apparently I still got it wrong. Too much baking soda makes for a really disgusting, salty, bitter mess. But they look nice, don't they?My camera was on "no flash" mode which makes photos a little blurry. The recipe called for grilling the bread under the broiler, but I baked them instead. They looked good and had a good texture, but Oh My God they tasted awful. I could not spit it out fast enough or drink enough water to wash away the taste.

My 3am brownies sucked too. I am being to doubt my culinary abilities. I used to make kick-ass brownies. Cookies too. And these peanut butter eggs for Easter (Mom's recipe) that practically melt in your mouth...I'm drooling just thinking about them. But now? I'm afraid I'll ruin even my tried and true favorites. I need to get back on the horse, I suppose. Maybe I'll make some of those eggs--I'll shape them like ghosts or bats and call them Halloween candy--just to make sure I haven't lost it.

I did manage to make some darn fine Cheaters Guacamole (avocados and store-bought salsa). I had to do something with the extra avocados. Perfect with Fritos Scoops and bad TV.
I gave up trying to be a kitchen wizard and took up knitting. The newest Berroca newsletter has some neat gift ideas. Unfortunately, I don't have a printer at home, so I sat in front of the computer. This is the one I'm knitting.
It's a cover for a Sigg-type water bottle. I'll knit up a bunch and buy some Siggs for my friends.

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woolanthropy said...

There is a book called Flatbreads & Flavors: A Baker's Atlas by Jeffrey Alford & Noami Duguid (1995). We just got the book but haven't made any recipes yet. It has recipes from chapatti to tortillas. According to the intro, flatbreads are the world's oldest breads and people have been making them for more than 6,000 years.