Thursday, September 18, 2008

Really, I know how to follow recipes, but...

Dear Bloggers who post recipes:
I love that you are kind enough to share your recipe for yummy goodness with the world. I love when you post photos of the steps along the way because I'm a visual learner and I need the reference. If I may make one tiny suggestion it would be to please put the actual measurements in the ingredients list. "A spoonful of X" isn't helpful unless you tell me what kind of spoon you're using. I'm talking to you, handsome fellow, with your spoonful of raw cacao and your warning that "too much will make it bitter." Is that a teaspoon or a tablespoon in your photo? Judging from the bitterness in my finished product, I'm going to assume it was a teaspoon and try again tomorrow.
Also, I wanted to try a flat bread recipe I saw on a blog but I'm not sure how much baking soda to use. The blogger said "a few teaspoons." How many is a few? Please, for the lesser chefs out there, be a little more specific.
Thank you and have a tasty day,
Laurie Ann

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