Friday, January 30, 2009

One down

I finished the first of many hats that I have committed to knitting for various folks nationwide (well, LA and NYC). Here is Joey's hat, as modeled by Joey himself.What a great shirt! The hat seems a little big, I know. I think I'll begin the decrease rows a little sooner for the next one. Here's the reverse side as modeled by me in my bathroom, as usual.I messed up the ribbing a little because I didn't trust the instructions. I followed the instructions exactly on the last two rows of ribbing and guess what? I'm an idiot and should have trusted them all along. Oh well--Design Element!

Joey was thrilled and this is how he repaid me.I'm a sucker for pretty flowers. How did he know these are my favorites? (pay no attention to all the boxes in my messy office)

Later I enjoyed a delicious lunch of mini cheesecakes from the lovely Silentia Jones, formerly of the Cheesecake Cafe (not Factory) which used to be in Rosemead. She's currently looking for a new location. I'll let you know when she's got one, because her Death By Chocolate and Snickers cheesecakes are not to be missed.


woolanthropy said...

Good job. The hat is totally cute.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

The hat is great, but I really love his t-shirt! I've been looking for one *just* *like* *that*!!