Monday, October 05, 2009

I love their cheese, too.

Last year, I switched from using plastic bottles here at the office and around the house as well. I used to use the same water bottle for a few days, then toss it in the recycling bin and get a new one. I didn't like using so many plastic bottles, even though I was reusing them, so I switched to a reusable sport bottle that I washed daily. Then, I started hearing about leaching chemicals and while I'm not overly concerned with that, I decided to look into PBA-free alternatives. I have always loved the SIGG bottles for their colorful designs, but their cost was somewhat off-putting. I coveted them every time I saw them in a catalog or at the Whole Foods. Ah, the Swiss--they make great things, from their gaseous cheese to their multifunctional cutlery. I finally broke down and bought one. Then another and another, so I now have about five of these lovely bottles around my home and workspace. I fill them up and take them everywhere, plus I have one on my nightstand for those midnight thirst attacks. Yep, I love me some SIGG.

Recently, however, there's been talk about the lining in the SIGG bottles. Since the company doesn't want to divulge what the coating is made of, stating proprietary reasons, no one is completely sure it's PBA free. Of course, they aren't sure it's NOT either. Several sites that I frequent have recommended switching to stainless steel bottles, which don't need a lining (Sigg bottles are aluminum). I have been thinking of making the switch. One company will even give you a discount if you send them your used SIGG bottles. Stainless is more expensive, you see.

Today, while watching the receptionist desk, I asked the UPS man "Anything for me?" as I do every day. Instead of his usual response ("Got a Sharpie? I could make them yours.") he said, "Yes!" and handed me a box from the SIGG folks. Hmmm....the last order I placed was back in May. I purchases a bottle for a friend. Have I been sleep walking/ shopping? Is this why I never have any money?

Turns out their online secure purchase systems were compromised sometime between March and June, and some personal and credit card information was stolen. I knew about this, actually, because I got a letter to warn me back in July or August. I did have a problem with my card number being used, but I took care of it right away and no harm came of it. This package? They sent me a free bottle with a letter of apology. Now, I thought that was damn nice of them. They didn't have to. Our office got a similar letter of security breach from a hotel the boss had stayed in back in May and they didn't offer us squat.

So, I'm sticking with my SIGGs until someone proves definitively that the lining is an issue, because they're nice and consumer friendly. And the bottles are awesome.


San Diego Momma said...

I need to switch to something less hazardous. I still drink from plastic water bottles I've left sitting in the 200-degree car for 8 days.

Do you think the lining could be made from baby skin or something and that's why SIGG is not telling?

Jennifer said...

Another blog I read posted about these reusable, collapse-able bottles today!

Anonymous said...

really though, who doesn't love their cheese?