Friday, October 30, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday--When I was still adorable

When last we left my younger self, I was a newly-baptized 1 month old. Let's see how that sweet little angel grew.

This photo is labeled "May 1965." I call it "Laurie Ann invents the Faux Hawk." Six months old and way ahead of my time. Here I am with my siblings on the same day. Aren't we a cheery lot? According to my mom, it had been a long day, my dress was slippery and Kate was trying desperately to keep me from slipping off the end of the seat. In order from right to left(and oldest to youngest): Michael (6 1/2), Brian(so close to 4), Roy(nearly 3), Kate(18 months), and me(6 months).

This is labeled "June 9, 1965" which was Brian's 4th birthday. Looks like I'm saying, "Oh, me? Just chillin' with my swan." You'll notice I did a lot of chillin' in my youth. Check out that old school perambulator.

You've seen this one before, but it's from August 1965, so I thought I'd complete the summer.
And to round out 1965, a year that also saw the birth of my best friend, Joann, here's some photos from Christmas of that year.
You can tell I've had a little egg nog in my bottle because I'm lifting my dress and showing my bum. I also have that glassy-eyed giddy look I've come to recognize as quittin' time. Yes, I got a plastic basket for Christmas. We were poor. No, I'm kidding, but I guess I got a dolphin. I have no memory of that toy. The rolling dog in the upper corner, I do remember. And here I am after I've crashed, chillin' again. Can we take a minute to discuss the playpen? Look at the rickety hinges, the bare wood floors. By today's standards, it's a veritable deathtrap.

Hopefully, next week we'll have the Elementary School years. I've asked Kate and Joann to help since I seem to have very few photos of myself. I know those two have all the embarrassing photos.


Ellen Bloom said...

Oh stop it! You're STILL adorable!
Love all your cute baby pix!

woolanthropy said...

Super cute pics!
You were an adorable baby and you really do look the same.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

:) I was gonna say the same thing - yer still adorable!! And I think I had that rolly dog thing, too. :)