Friday, October 30, 2009

I really meant to work today (Vintage Photos in next post)

It's pay day, so I called AAA to haul Jamie off to see her friend, Max, the German Car King. Max plugged her in and declared that, indeed, she needed new spark plugs. Usually he'll find gently used parts to save me some money, but with this spark plug thing being a chronic condition, he felt brand spanking new ones were our best best. He called some auto parts store that delivers to get the new plugs and then set about giving Jamie a good old fashioned check up. Turns out she was dangerously low in the oil department, so after a lecture in not letting my oil get low, Max did an oil change. I was sitting in the back seat knitting when he jacked up the car to get to the drain plug. "Oh I get a ride," I exclaimed. "Better than a Ferris Wheel," Max deadpanned.

After the oil change, Max took a break for lunch. I continued to knit not very mindful of the time until it occurred to me that my back was sore and my beverage was warm. I looked at my watch--Holy Crap! I'd been there for hours! I didn't realize the new spark plugs were being flown in from Madagascar. They finally arrived and 45 minutes later (at 3:00) I was out of there.

On my way to work, I stopped in Burbank to pick up a donation for our fundraiser, and by the time I got through the studio traffic to Hollywood, it was 4:30. I was supposed to pick up another donation from downtown, but I'll do that on Monday. I didn't go to work and missed the big Halloween party/ luncheon at work. My friend Anne brought her dog to work (Anne was Mustard and the dog, Zoe, was a hot dog, because she's a dachshund mix) and I totally missed puppy time.

But I did manage to get this very nearly finished.

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