Friday, April 23, 2010

And now Max is going to be mad at me

I got paid last week and planned to take Jamie out to see her buddy Max for an oil change on Saturday. Well, I was lazy on Saturday and not feeling well, so I stayed inside in my jammies and read a book. On Sunday, I got up and decided to be productive. I went to EZ Lube for an oil change (because Max is closed), got a pedicure, went grocery shopping, all in all, fairly productive. While at the EZ Lube, they tried to see me on the air and cabin filters, as usual, but Max told me I didn't need them and to never agree to that so I said no. Then they told me I needed coolant, to which I replied, "Oh, I have a bottle in my trunk. I'll fill it." I guess they were surprised that I would have coolant in the trunk because I got a funny look, then he said something about the filter and said I'd be out of there in a few minutes. Fine.

When I got to the Target center a few blocks away, my coolant light came on. huh? I checked it and the coolant was completely empty. How did that happen? I filled it and continued about my day. That was Sunday.

Yesterday, on my way out of the parking garage at work, the coolant light came on again. True to the VW code of early warning system, which is to say NO early warning system as alarms only come on when you're truly screwed, the coolant ball thing was completely empty again. I filled it again and decided to skip knitting and just went home. I checked the level again when I got home and it was nearly below the minimum fill line again. How can it be completely empty in four days when it hasn't ever had a leak in five years? I'll tell you how. Those bastards at EZ Lube did something. I'm sure they didn't think a woman would question them when they said I needed my coolant filled. They always try to sell you on expensive extras. They tried to sell me a synthetic oil filter. I said, "What do you mean?" "Oh, it's made to filter synthetic oils." I said that a regular filter would be just fine with me. please. So, I know I should take it back to them because they're the ones who screwed it up, but I also know they'll try to claim it was something else and charge me an arm and a leg for something that wasn't broken before I went to them. So, I'll have to take Jamie to see Max for real this Saturday and listen to him lecture me on not ever taking her to EZ Lube again.

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Anonymous said...

those sonsabitches if i were there i would go kick them in the shin for you.really hard ! or at least look under the car and see where it was leaking from . i'm sure it's something simple but don't dilly dally a hot engine is very bad.