Saturday, April 03, 2010

Really, people?

On April Fool's day, someone told me to check out the accident outside my window. It was someone who works in a part of the office without windows and it was April Fool's day so I was skeptical, especially because I did not hear any screeching tires or obvious accident sounds, like sirens, etc. But it was no joke. There was a big accident at the corner of Olympic and Burlington. See.
You can see the mini van, with the firefighters working to free the driver, has taken out the hydrant all together. The car next to it was also involved and they were somehow wedged together with the spouting water bubbling up and over their hoods. I'll bet their engines are super clean, though.

Okay, my point here is not to say "Look! Firetrucks!" It's to marvel (although at my age I don't know why) at the stupidity of drivers. Here's the wider angle of the scene.Notice the two large red firetrucks? The cones? The obvious signs of an accident or some other emergency necessitating the closing of the eastbound lane? Because a whole group of cars did not. They were driving into the westbound lane, around the cones and the other firetruck to continue down Olympic. One of those accordion buses did it first and then everyone else in that lane followed. I didn't get a photo of it happening, but at one point it was a total free-for-all in the westbound lane. You couldn't tell which cars were coming or going. What part of two firetrucks and four traffic cones did not give these people the idea that they should go another way? Honestly!

In other news, I got my new glasses. Yea! However, the photos I took in the ladies room were taken late in the day so my hair was a mess and my face was flushed. They were not some of my best shots. You'll have to wait to see the new specs.

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