Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blame it on the rain*

Criss and I went to go on our lunchtime walk today. When we left the office, it was just a light drizzle. We were going to walk up to Starbucks for a hot beverage. When we got to the parking garage (to grab umbrellas) it was pouring like a bitch. We both stopped short and said a slow, "ohhh, noooo." So, we drove to Starbucks instead, where I got a venti Hot Chocolate. Yeah, I know.

So, I'm sitting here and falling asleep. My productivity level, which was banging earlier, has dropped significantly. Criss blames the sugar rush and subsequent blood sugar level drop. Like Milli Vanilli, I blame it on the rain. I always just want to sleep all day when it's rainy outside.

Today has been one of those days when you just have to go with it and don't think too hard about the logistics. You know, the boss presents you with a request so bizarre that you kind of wonder if she means it or is just messing with you. But then you realize she means it and you have to pull a rabbit out of your hat to make it happen because you're an administrative professional and that's what you do (damn it). I better see some flowers tomorrow. I've earned them.

*shamefully, I knew the lyrics when questioned about this song.

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