Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mercury, the moon, and probably gnomes.

Who decided having today was a good idea? I mean, I'd have been perfectly happy to avoid this day altogether and just skip right on over to Thursday. Starting yesterday, our company emails were not sending outside the company, nor were we receiving any outside emails. I wondered where all my Viagra spam had gone. At 5:00ish, they told everyone to shut down their computers for a complete reboot.

Well, this morning, the email was still down, the internet was down, I couldn't get the printers to work, we couldn't access the server at all, and oh, I couldn't find an extension cord to set up the projector for a training. We rebooted, logged on, rebooted again, and generally wasted a whole day trying to get things up again. On top of this, the boss is presenting at a conference tomorrow and has lots of things to tie up before leaving. But we can't do that because we can't get into the server. You see how may day went? Yeah, technology can suck it.

So, as I sit here waiting for the boss to finish an interview with a new IT guy (please, oh, please), I read the latest Superforest post (by the lovely Tricia) and discovered that Mercury is in retrograde. Mercury, you son of seasick sea serpent. (shakes fist skyward) THEN, I read my horoscope to find that Jupiter, my ruling planet, figures prominently in tonight's full moon. FULL MOON? And Mercury in retrograde? At the same time?? Shouldn't there be some kind of fail safe to assure that doesn't happen? Apparently, the universe hates me. Also, there may be gnomes messing with me because there was no reason the printers should not be printing my documents today. No reason whatsoever.

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MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

So *that's* the reason why everything was wonky yesterday. Oh, wait; everything's been wonky since we switched to the new OS. Never mind... Sending you positive thought vibes for the new IT guy. I'd like a new one (or three) here!