Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Classic Frau PITA

On Saturday, my always-amusing, usually-annoying landlord (aka Frau PITA), left me an incomprehensible note about having to replace the window in my "bad room." I wasn't sure if she meant my naughty room or if she was channeling a character from a 70's Blaxsploitation film. Fortunately, she showed up on Sunday to clear things up--she meant my bedroom window, which was perfectly fine as far as I was concerned. She said the city inspector recommended changing the windows from the current vertical sliding variety to the more traditional sash (up and down) type windows, to make exit easier in case of a fire. Now, friends, if there's a fire, my ass will squeeze out a window no matter which way it opens, but whatever City dude.

Here's a photo of my bedroom windows before:

Note that they are perfectly servicable windows and the openings are plenty big enough for my ample frame to squeeze out, even though they look small in this photo.

This is what the new windows look like:

Yes, friends, Frau Pinch-a-penny-until-it-begs-for-mercy only replaced ONE window. ONE! On both sides of the house (my neighbor's windows look opposite, so at least they're balanced). And it doesn't look at all like my house rides the short bus to school.

Now, this doesn't really solve the problem of fire exits, because side-to-side or up-and-down, both windows have UNREMOVEABLE SCREENS! I'll have to leave a knife near the windows so I can cut out the screens in case of fire.

And, to make matters worse, the window that didn't get replaced has the screen that someone tried to break into...and it looks like they tried again! It used to be just slightly bent, like someone tried to pry and it didn't work. Now, the screen is bent far from the frame. When are they doing this??? I'm a little scared. (see photo) That gap goes all the way from top to bottom. It used to just bow out a little at that center portion.

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RheLynn said...

Interesting change of scenery with the windows - I like that idea!