Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I shall stop dissing the freeway

Many of you who know me personally have heard me espouse my love of the surface street as a means of getting around Los Angeles. I don't mind a red light, because I'm actually supposed to be stopped, but I hate stopping dead on a stretch of road that is meant to be traveled at 65 miles per hour.

That said, I have recently discovered the Adams Boulevard exit off the 110. The exit brings me to within two blocks of the office, successfully avoiding the insanity of Vermont Avenue. Sure it's like a game of Frogger trying to merge left, only to have to merge right again. And sure the actual exit, what with people trying to get on the 110 at the same time, can be a little tricky. But I seriously shaved off 25 minutes from my commute this morning. I left the house at 7:45 resigned to being late. I arrived at 8:05, so early that only two other employees were here, and they work in data entry. My floor was completely dark. AND, I had time to apply mascara (which I didn't have time for at home) and set up the conference room. Plus, I look like a dedicated worker arriving before everyone else. BROWNIE POINTS!

Yep, I take it back. The freeway can be a good thing---sometimes.

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Ellen Bloom said...

Ack!!! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER take Vermont anywhere. It's a parking lot. Western Ave. is worse. The 110 Fwy going south is usually great. You might want to try Wilton..turns into Arlington going south as an alternative.

L.A. Ell knows the Streets!