Friday, December 22, 2006

Good food, strange politics

China has added new restrictions for foreigners wanting to adopt a Chinese baby . First and foremost, no more single-parent adoptions. Couples must have been married for at least two years before applying. Here are some other highlights of the new restrictions--couples must have a Body Mass Index -- a measure of obesity -- of no more than 40 and be aged 30 to 50, with people up to age 55 considered for children with special needs, according to the agencies. There goes my back-up plan for when the biological alarm clock starts ringing so loud I can't ignore it. (I've already turned it off, but you never know)
The rules bar parents who take medication for psychiatric conditions including depression and anxiety or have "severe facial deformity." What?? Severe facial deformity?? Why on earth should that matter? Honestly, with all the baby girls sitting in Chinese orphanages, you wouldn't think they would be so picky. (okay, the psychiatric conditions thing makes sense).

And this has nothing to do with China or adoption, but Monkeygurrrrrl mentioned something about how all the stupid stunts on America's Funniest Videos are performed by boys, so I couldn't resist bringing you the chimney sweep . Ladies and gentlemen, what kind of logic is at play here. You go to your friend's house to return something; he's not home, so, naturally, you climb down the chimney.

Lastly, this headline just hurt me in my girl parts--Woman With Two Wombs Delivers Three Babies . Two wombs??? That's four ovaries and twice as many menstrual cycles, which, frankly, is two too many. Poor thing.


MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again - Boys are stupid. With the possible exception of Baby Sam, (possibly) Will, and Johnny Depp.

As for the 2 wombs? I would have killed myself long ago. I can barely stand the one I have.

miss kendra said...

this makes me sad.