Thursday, December 14, 2006

Parking Sucks! The City of LA loves me, though.

I have had my car for almost a year and never had a ticket the whole time...until November. Beginning the first week until now I have paid the City of Los Angeles a total of $235 in parking fines. Merry Christmas! Can I get complimentary tickets to the Policeman's Ball?

So after two tickets in one week (don't say it; I'm embarrassed beyond belief), the last thing I needed was the aggravation of trying to park at The Farmer's Market for Stitch 'N' Bitch. First, some Beyotch in an Audi blocked the way to the left side of the parking lot, because got forbid anyone get out of the lot before her. Then, after I had to drive around the right side, where I already knew there was no parking, I waited in a line of cars just to get to the left side. While waiting, a spot opened up right up front--Woo Hoo--but the jackhole who was vacating the space was also blocking the path to said space. I quickly turned on my blinker.

Then--this is one for the records, really--a guy in the line of traffic just entering the parking lot sent his bimbo trophy wife in her mink coat, because it's so cold in LA, to STAND IN THE EMPTY SPACE so he could park there in five minutes when he finally made it over there. Are you freakin' kidding me??? I was so angry!! I wound down the window and cussed at him like a sailor on shore leave. He'll be smarting from that for days, let me tell you.

I finally parked in my spot on the left side (seriously, what makes a Dodge Ram think it can park in a spot marked "compact"?) and made my way to my knittas. I was still stewing and raging when I got upstairs, only to find this waiting:

Well, not quite this, for this is just a photo I purloined from Annika's blog, but SAM! (that's the adorable child in the photo) I tell ya, there is nothing like a cuddle from a happy baby to immediately change your mood. Sam has a future career in therapy because everyone he touched left with a smile.

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Annika said...

Say! That's a cute baby!