Thursday, April 26, 2007

Apparently, it's the name "Laurie" they find so attractive

Day one of the move went just fine. They didn't finish upstairs but I'll forgive them. I get tired walking up and down those stairs with paper in my hands, let alone a solid oak desk. My Goodness, there was a lot of manhood on display, though. I did not, however, see any butt crack. Not that I was hoping to, but I thought it was inevitable.

I DID get asked out for drinks by the very young, but very cute Sergio. I neatly evaded his hints that we should go for a drink afterward by thinking WWCAPD--What Would Crazy Aunt Purl Do?
Tomorrow will be the long day as everything has to be moved and I am sure to be there until Midnight at least. Oh, sleepy me. I didn't even get to do much knitting because I had to direct them in delivering the boxes to the correct offices. And boy do we have a lot of offices.

You know how I complained about the stairs? Well, from one end of the suite to another is like a mile (yes, I'm exaggerating, but it's really really far). At least the carpet is nice and cushiony.

I must sleep now so I can wake up and do it all again tomorrow. I'm taking the laptop tomorrow.

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