Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I had a rotten day!!

I need hugs, and possibly a good stiff DRINK.
Reminders went out, but RSVPs did not come in.
Calls were made but no one answered, so messages were left.
Answers were received, but unfortunately, they were not the answers I wanted.
Plans will have to change and convincing someone of this has not been easy.
I cried quietly with my office door closed.
Then I ate M&Ms and they made me happy for a brief shining moment.

I still need hugs.


Anonymous said...

Many hugs are contained in this message. :-)
And if it weren't so late I'd bring you some more M&Ms! Love, jax

The Roy said...


Sachi said...

Oh, honey. Seriously, you just have to remember that this was not your doing... or not doing... or... well, it isn't your fault.

I hope the cry helped.

Catherine said...

Aw. ::hugs:: I will have a stiff drink with you, anytime, anywhere. :)

Faith said...

I'm sorry...big giant smushy ol' hugs to you.

miss kendra said...

you tell me who, and i will kick asses.

Mother of Chaos said...

(((Laurie Ann)))

People suck sometimes, don't they?

And it is my firm, unscientific belief that M&Ms eaten purely for medicinal purposes contain no calories. Just FYI.

Annika said...

I think you need some Sam time. Maybe this weekend? We'll talk.

Uccellina said...

I love you desperately, even though I have been remiss in my blog-reading. Late hugs!