Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Shamrock Shake by any other name

Back in March when the McDonalds' across the nation serve up delicious Shamrock Shakes in honor of St. Patrick's day, the city of Los Angeles was devoid of minty goodness. Oh, I looked. I drove near and far, hither and yon, and at every turn my request for these seasonal treats was met with confused looks, "Mint?". Come on. It's MC Donalds for crying out loud. A little Irish spirit wouldn't kill ya.

Yesterday I finally got around to reading "Fast Food Nation" and, ironically, it made me hungry for a Quarter Pounder with cheese. I scanned the menu and what did I see? "Minty Mudbath Shake" in honor of Shrek The Third. Hmm...isn't it strange that when a film studio throws money at them they are lousy with mint-flavored shakes.
I'll remember this next March, McDonalds. You'd better come through for me or I'll be fomenting a riot.


Sachi said...

Ooo! Minty shake??? I had no idea! I guess I don't get around to McD's often. And BTW, Fastfood Nation.... Yeah. I dig it. It didn't make me hungry but it didn't gross me out either. It's sort of a given that, if you consume as much sugar as is in a supersized drinky, yer gonna hurl.

miss kendra said...

that is just not right.

(missed you yesterday!)