Thursday, September 27, 2007

Holy Crap! That guy is dead--AND NAKED!!!

That's what I cried this morning as I gazed out my office window to the streets below and watched LA's finest loading a NAKED dead man onto a stretcher. And they didn't cover him up at all!!!! Okay, sure, as they were trying unsuccessfully to revive him, they finally dropped a folded sheet over his genitals--and I mean dropped, very casually as if it were a rag they had just used and were discarding. No respect!

Here's the scoop from what we could piece together: Somewhere between 9:00 and 9:30 am, this man ended up on the sidewalk across the street from our office building. I heard the helicopters and one of my co-workers came in and said "there's a man lying on the sidewalk." When I looked out, the paramedics were loading him--naked--onto the stretcher and his clothes were arranged on the sidewalk perfectly as if the wearer had merely evaporated. There was wetness on the sidewalk beneath his legs, but it wasn't blood. Probably pee. Apparently, the paramedics undressed him to find the source of his injury as there were no obvious wounds. There was no blood that we could see. The cute detective told us he was shot, but not where on his body. This was the second shooting in two hours and they weren't sure if the two were related. The first incident occurred fairly close by, but not right around the corner or anything. He must not have been shot where he lay because we would have heard the gunshot (unless they used a silencer). Witnesses saw someone run south just before the body was discovered.

My boss, her daughter and I watched from my window trying to figure out what was going on and why weren't the detectives taking photos of the crime scene, bagging his clothes, and all those other things the cops on TV do when a body is found. A crazy homeless lady walked up to the police line and was gesturing wildly to the sheriff's who were guarding the scene. Then she ducked under the yellow tape and no one stopped her. "Crazy knows something," my boss said, as we ran over to her office to get a better look at the action. Sure enough, the detectives took Crazy over to a quiet area and questioned her. She gestured wildly some more, then pointed to the body area, then pointed south, then made motions like stumbling, then gestured some more. The lady detective led Crazy off to our side of the street behind some trees so the three of us trotted down to another office that offered an unobstructed view.

Soon, cute detective (I'm a sucker for the dimples) came by to ask us if we saw anything or heard anything. None of us had, except for the gal who saw the body when she came in.
Needless to say, I stayed inside for lunch today.


Neila said...

Scary! A couple years ago I was doing some photocopying and saw an elderly man sitting at a table across the street. He had a bag from Pier One on the ground next to his chair. I kept photocopying when it became apparent that this guy wasn't moving. I kept watching and pretty soon a police car pulled up. The police men just stood around for the longest time. By that time I figured out that he old man was dead. Finally the medical examiner's van pulled up and they bagged him. It all took well over an hour and was quite sad. All I could think about was that this little old man (probably well into his 80s) had bought a present for someone at Pier One and that someone was at home waiting for him. It upset me for several days. I can't imagine dying alone on a street that way.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Well. . . at least you got some Cute Detective!!! I was driving home from work and their was a guy WIPING HIS ARSE with a napkin, right off Pico. But he wasn't dead. But STILL.

Valerie said...

Jesus.. What an eventful morning. Where do you live again, so I know to wear a bullet proof vest when passing through the area? -=giggle=-