Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I heart salad

I have had a giant salad for lunch every day this week. Why? Well, because a delicious new restaurant opened up at 23rd and Figueroa and the salads are soooooo good. They have, like, 35 different salads to choose from, plus other menu items.

Monday I had the Chinese Chicken Salad:
Do you see all the chicken on this salad? Yowza! You'll note the absence of mandarin oranges as I ate them first.

Tuesday, I had the Fajita Chicken Salad. No photos available of this delectable treat as I was eating at the front desk and didn't have my camera. Trust me--it was delicious. Mixed greens, corn, salsa, grilled chicken all in a tostada shell. YUMMY!

Today, we ordered salads for the Director's meeting. I went with the Caesar Salad w/ chicken.
Again, more chicken than you can shake a financial report at. The dressing was tangy and delicious. No anchovies, either.

They have panini, quesadillas, soup of the day, and stuffed baked potatoes too.This was dinner Monday night.

Where can you get tasty salads like this?
2210 Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90007
(213) 748-3111


Neila said...

I'll have to pass the recommendation on to my daughter and maybe the next time I visit her we'll check it out. We're always looking for new places to try and this looks right up our alley...particularly after our trip to Scotland. We made the discovery that Scots don't seem to eat fruits or veggies, other than baked potatoes and the fried tomato we got every morning with our "full Scottish breakfast." We were CRAVING salads!

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Uh - YUMMMMM!!!!!! Thanks a lot. This really does not compare to the hot dog sociable I'm looking forward to (sarcasm). Too bad you're in the 213. That's just too far to go for luncheon.

5150 Knitwit said...

Wow those look wonerful! Wish we had something like that up here in North Cali.

Laurie Ann said...

Hmmm...Today, as I was Googling myself (oh stop it!),I ran across your site! Wonderful! I live in northern California...long live Laurie Anns!!!
Laurie Ann Hunter

Katie said...

When you described this at SnB the other night I was hungry. Now, looking at these picture, I can't wait to go there (it's making me ravenous).