Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Why I spent so much money on a purse that wasn't even for me.

Yes, the football was way too much money. It was kind of an impulsive purchase but I don't regret it after seeing how happy it made Tami. I would normally never pay that much for a purse. Hell, I balked at paying $40 at the outlets for a Kipling bag. But Tami has been so down lately and nothing has seemed to go right for her in a very long time. I think I've mentioned her in passing a few times. And yes, she drives me crazy much of the time, but she's also been there for me when I really needed someone to lean on, so it's give and take.

Tami, whom I've known for 20 years, has a rare liver cancer and almost two years ago she underwent a 10-hour surgery to remove a tumor that also removed a portion of her pancreas, stomach and liver. She has to take pills before each meal for the rest of her life to help her digest food. She has to have monthly injections of this statin-type drug that is so expensive she can't even calculate how much it has cost so far. She has these spots on her liver (liver spots-hee) that are very slow growing cancer and these injections shrink the spots. They are basically like a chemotherapy treatment directed at the source instead of killing everything. So every couple of months she has to have an MRI to check the progress of shrinkage. She's very claustrophobic so it's hell on her. Also, these injections leave her sick and her muscles sore for days afterward, and then sick again for the week before she's due for the next injection. When I was with her on Monday, the nausea hit her like a freight train out of the blue and she was ghostly pale and sweating for the rest of the night.

Her long curly blonde hair, her favorite feature, is falling out. She lost about 75 pounds and none of her clothes fit. She has no money to spend on herself (not like I do, but that never stopped me) so she's wearing skirts and tights from two and three years ago and they keep falling down around her ankles, which is funny, but kind of pathetic.

So, you see, knowing how much she loves football, and unique purses, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to make her happy if only for a little bit. And she was really happy for the first time in a long time.

I'll try to be more upbeat in my next post.


Annika said...

You are a really good friend. Not specifically for spending money on Tami, but for the REASON you spent it.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

I *really* hope it wasn't something I said that made you think you have to explain yourself. It is YOUR money and what you do with it and on whom you spend it is entirely up to you, and I would never dare to judge. Tami sounds like she could use a little spoiling... or my "skinny" clothes, that I *know* I'm never gonna fit in again, EVER.

Piglottie said...

I think in some way it is an upbeat post, as it shows generosity of spirit and true friendship. Not in terms of the money you spent, but that you took the time and thought to get something so perfect for your friend.

Anonymous said...

You are such a good friend Miss Laurie. I heart you!
xoxo jax