Monday, September 17, 2007

People are weird...and my car still smells bad.

I opened my trunk this morning (big mistake) and as it's still messed up from my accident, I had to slam it really hard to get it to close. A homeless man sleeping on the sidewalk near my car peeked his head out of his blanket and said, "Do you mind?" Seriously? Dude, you're sleeping on a sidewalk in the middle of the city. The police station, where they are digging up and repaving the parking lot, is 30 feet away. Somehow I don't think my trunk slamming shut is the loudest thing you'll hear today. I don't mind you sleeping in the flower bed, so give me a break about the trunk slamming.

Referrals to my blog are usually just links from friends' blogs or boring logical links, but I found these to be particularly amusing:
  • Laurie Ann in blue spandex--I assure you all, this will never happen.
  • Baby toe pricked by a witch--Daddy always said I came from an old witch in the woods, but I promise, your children are safe with me.
  • Adrian Grenier does cute thing--Well, I'm sure he does many cute things but not on my blog.
  • Brass Brassiere--colder than a witch's... This one I get.

and my all time favorite:

  • Started with a headache, then muscle pain and now I can't grip anything--For Crying Out Loud, man; get off the computer and see a doctor. Sheesh!

Meanwhile, I used Febreeze on my car last night and it smells even worse today. I found that some of the cream spilled down to the floor of the car as well (I hadn't noticed it Friday). I may have to have the interior professionally cleaned. Any suggestions?

Oh, and if you're bored and surfing the net anyway, I urge you to go to YouTube, type "The Guild" into the search box and watch all three episodes. It's worth a chuckle or two.


Gwen said...

If you need a good carwashing place, I highly recommend the one on the corner of Melrose and Spaulding. Good luck!

miss kendra said...

you could just rent a steamy thing from the supermarket and get a big extension cord.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Aw, c'mon. Put on the blue spandex and I'm sure the homeless dude will help ya out!

Anna-Liza said...

Baking soda is pretty good for nasty smells, especially milk-based. Not exactly sure how you'd apply it, maybe dissolved in water? I'd use a lot--as much as the water will take.