Thursday, January 24, 2008

Acid rain's got everybody trippin'

Have you noticed you don't hear about acid rain anymore? For some reason, the rain made me think of a Saturday Night Live sketch about two newsmen complaining about pretty boy anchors and they do a twist on the song from "My Fair Lady" with Brad Hall being the Eliza Doolittle-esque character. All I really remembered about it was "Terrain in Maine is stained with acid rain" and "Iranians' pains come mainly from Khomeini." I found it here after much research.

I shared an elevator today with a well-dressed young man (about 25) holding a dirty and well-loved stuffed doll. The man was holding it up to his face and making it talk to him. I glanced over him and smiled nervously and he said, "She's wearing a pig costume. I'm not sure why." He then proceeded to pull off her pig hoodie and show me that she was indeed wearing a costume. Ohhh-kay. P4--My floor! Phew.

On my way to Smart & Final, I saw a poor guy standing outside a tax preparation place dressed like Uncle Sam. It was raining and he looked miserable, so I waved at him. On my way back, he was joined by the Statue of Liberty, who, I realized a minute after I drove by, was a man complete with moustache. It reminded me of Guillermo from the Jimmy Kimmel show.

So, I couldn't help wondering what had gotten into everyone today. I'm blaming the acid rain.

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woolanthropy said...

Dude, I was totally thinking about acid rain the other day. What happened to acid rain? Is it still happening? Maybe the media isn't allowed to talk about it. I don't know what to say about dirty dolls and american icons. The media for sure isn't allowed to comment.