Saturday, January 26, 2008

What did you do on Saturday?

"Let's do something stupid," Criss said.*
"Like what?" I replied.
"Let's get tattoos!" she squealed.

So, after much discussion of where to go, we decided on 5150 in North Hollywood (on Laurel Canyon), which was recommended by Artur, who is a douche for not coming with us, but whatever.
Oso, the recommended artist, couldn't fit us in until 6ish, which turned into 7ish as there was a band in there getting tatted. Okay, only two of them were getting anything done, but the whole band was there. And the one guy got an amazing arm tattoo of a murder of crows flying from wrist to elbow with a straight razor on his wrist (not sure about that part).

Finally, it was our turn. Criss went first. She got a velociraptor on her ankle bone.
I think it hurt a little, but the end result was worth it.
I was next and as Criss was paying, I didn't want to get something too pricey. I spent the morning researching. I asked Annika and The Roy for advice, but in the end, I went with something different. See, I was going to choose a dragon (my Chinese zodiac) from the shop's flash panels, but there were no flash panels and the dragons I found in their books just didn't float my boat. Then one of the boys in the band, a little Brit who reminded me of my Daren, showed another guy his tattoo--a dragon on his left shoulder. The friend said, "Oh, yeah, big man. You got a dragon. Everyone has a dragon." I chose to avoid the dragon (No offense, Annika). Plus, this one wasn't very expensive at all. So what did I get?
Yes, it looks like the one needle top isn't matching up with the point; that's partly due to the original picture, but mostly due to my fat arm. Oh, yeah. I'm a badass knitta.

On my way home in torrential rains, I hit the mother of all puddles and I swear I floated to the other side. Jamie was a trooper, though, and got me home without conking out.

*which is not to say that getting tattoos is stupid (I have six of them now) but deciding on a whim on a Friday afternoon is not the smartest thing to do.


Annika said...

I love it! That would totally have been my second recommendation. If I'd made one. Which I didn't.

Annika said...

p.s. It looks even to me.

Helena Handbasket said...

Let's hear it for badass knittas the world over. Now if anyone, in a fit of idiotic folly, should question your badass status, all ya gotta do is push up your sleeve and watch them cower before your badass-ness.

Do you already have an archived blog entry showing us the other five tats? If not, better hop to, babe. We, as your loyal public, wanna see. And, by the bye, I loved the new hair cut!

Anne-Marie said...

Excellent choice. I'd probably have had something similar.

Maybe I can talk the BF into that kind of whim...

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

SAH-WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!! Jman keeps asking me when I'm going to get my next ink. I'm pretty sure he would not be surprised if I copied yours!! Are ya gonna get some color in it? A la Noro? Some variagated yarn? :)

{{I'm jealous. I'm seriously jonsing for some of that kinda pain.}}

miss kendra said...

love it! it looks even in the larger version... i think it's just the curve of your arm.

Ellen Bloom said...

Extremely cool.

Catherine said...

Awesome! You rock. :)