Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Productivity dips...or not...I'm not sure anymore

For the past two days, I have chosen to ignore the morning alarm. Yesterday, I lay semi-awake hitting snooze for an hour and deliberately choosing to NOT get up for work. When I finally did, the water was off (see yesterday's post) and I was consequently late for work. Today, again, deliberately ignored the alarm. Next thing I knew, it was 8:00, I had to rush to get dressed, iron a pair of pants, do something with my hair, and left 20 minutes later with a deep pillow crease from my hairline to my jaw which didn't fade until 10:00ish.

As soon as I got in, I was on the phone ordering lunch for a meeting, driving over to Smart & Final for snacks and beverages for said meeting, popping buckets of popcorn also for said meeting, setting up the conference room, waiting for the lunch to be delivered, making copies, breaking up ice for the drinks and generally not having two minutes to think until 12:40.

So, while I was busy as all get out all morning, I don't feel particularly productive. My desk is still a mess. I still haven't finished the filing that I started last week. I haven't secured breakfast for the board meeting in two weeks. I haven't edited the minutes from the last committee meeting and there's another on Thursday. Where has my motivation gone? Where is my vim and vigor ? Why can't I drag my ass out of bed in the morning?

I need more coffee.

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MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

It must be the weather. We are *so* in the mood to hibernate. I contemplate calling in "sick" nearly every morning, and have since I got back.

Either that, or you hate your job, which can't possibly be the case (yet).