Thursday, October 30, 2008

A non-political plea for California Voters

I just want to take this moment to urge everyone to thoroughly read the Voters Information booklet. You know you can't trust those ads to give you all the information and there are so many really important Propositions and Measures on the ballot. Pay attention to the little ones, too, not just the biggies getting all the air time.

That's all. Come Monday I should be back to posting more regularly.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me at the Stitch'N'Witch tonight (I won Most Original). Thanks to Natalie and Ellen for the gift bags.

Apologies to the bug I just smooshed. Poor fella should have known better than to land on my arm out of the blue.


Annika said...

Yay, you won! Your costume was awesome.

woolanthropy said...

You got game, gnonmie!