Thursday, October 23, 2008

Scenes from lunch

Not all of Wednesday sucked. I took a little midday bus trip with Criss to the bank at 9th & Hill, then to Ralphs at 9th and Hope, then back to work. Here's some photos to keep you company until I have something else to write about.Ceiling of Washington MutualClock tower at park, 9th and Hopelovely air conditioned bus

And here is Friday's salad, from Loose Leaf on 6th Street (between Hope and Grand), which has the thickest raspberry vinaigrette I've ever seen. It made my salad look like an accident scene. It was yummy, though. I highly recommend Loose Leaf if you're in the downtown area (on foot, though, because parking sucks). The salads are huge and reasonably priced.

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