Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This day sucked, but my salad was delicious

Things started off just fine. I woke up at 5am and decided to get moving rather than hit the snooze. I had some delicious blueberries while I prepared a salad for lunch. I chopped lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers while the sun came up. It was really quite meditative. The salad was visually stunning, although I didn't take a picture. I put it in the fridge to chill while I got ready and prepared my breakfast--avocado sandwich.

I headed out and had to stop at Rite Aid on my way. They didn't have what I was looking for, but I picked up some cards and an amazing chocolate bar. Then, I headed downtown to pick up a gift certificate for a fundraiser. My eyes were burning from either smoke or some other allergen, so vision was impaired. I got turned around on the one way streets but managed to make my way to the parking garage entrance only to turn in the out driveway. Oops. I backed up into traffic a little, drove a bit on the sidewalk, and came in the proper entrance and shrugged apologetically to the security guard who was giving me the stink eye. The nice valet man sent me to the beginning where I made a right and almost exited the garage. The peeved security guard had me back up and turn left down the ramp confusingly marked "Monthly Parking Only." I drove down the ramp and around that level, finding nothing and attempting to find the ramp to the next level. Then it happened. MY OIL LIGHT CAME ON!! And the beeping--MY GOD--the beeping was loud and scary. I hightailed it out of the garage, but when I came to the gate, it turns out there is no grace period; I owed $3.88 and they don't take cards. I pleaded and told the lady that my oil light was on and beeping and I needed out right this second and I don't have cash and I may have cried a little (or a lot). I begged Jamie to make it to the gas station, which she did because she's a champ, but when I pulled over, I may have been driving a little erratically and the police came over to ask me what was what. Here's where the tears and pathetic face work wonders. I let Jamie cool and added oil.

Then I came to work. And I was in such a mood that I didn't feel like doing anything so I went on an errand with Criss. After lunch, I called the DMV because my registration is due (yes, again) but they didn't send me the form yet. The window-licker who answered the phone told me the following: a) his computer was down and he couldn't help me; b) I'd have to pay a late fee because it was due October 2nd, even though they didn't send me the form because "that's really just a reminder, not a bill;" and c) I'm an idiot. Okay, he didn't tell me that last one, but he kept repeating, "You didn't get the form. (no) and you haven't changed your address or anything. (no) Are you sure you didn't get the form?" Seriously??

I did manage to get things accomplished, but not as much as I had hoped. Oh, and I have zero dollars in checking. How did that happen?

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woolanthropy said...

How can such a beautiful morning turn into such a bad day? Glad your home safe and sound. Tomorrow is a new day.