Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"The Starbucks gods smiled upon me" and other tales of good karma

I have some sort of sinus and throat thing going on and the smoky air and Santa Ana winds aren't helping the situation. I'm a little less than my usual fun-loving self lately. Also, I'm a little annoyed at a co-worker with whom I have to work fairly closely, so that's not helping my attitude either. I stayed too late last night finishing a project and had to be in early today to prep for a meeting. I didn't sleep well and was a total Crankypants McGee. But I still had to get the Starbucks order for the meeting and some fruit from the street vendors as well. The boss took pity on me and asked one of the guys to go for the fruit, which left Starbucks to me.

Grumbling, I drove up the street and miraculously hit green lights all the way. Nice.
Turning into the parking lot, which is always double-parked and filled with day laborers milling about, I found an empty spot just four spots from the door to Starbucks. Extra nice.
Only one person was in line before me--my co-worker Kristine. Sweet!
My order was done lickety-split and was correct. Woot!
I made it to the car with six drinks and didn't spill a drop. Hallelujah!!
No traffic on the way back to the office and green lights all the way. Praise be to God!
and then the boss bought us all lunch. [here I bowed my head and practiced gratitude]

In other tales, yesterday Jackson from posted about a Purple dog in Mid-town Manhattan and I commented thus:
Laurie Ann said...

Purple, one of my favorite colors, combined with dog, one of my favorite creatures--what more could you ask for? Maybe a spring green kitten, but that's just crazy talk.

Not an hour later, I received the following picture via email from the Super-awesome Jackson.
Yes, it is October, but Oh My God, the cuteness. And the sentiment is so true, as well.
I'm off to work on my Halloween costume for the WeHo SnB shindig. I've got my superhero all worked out. Here's a hint--his first name is Phineas.

Oh, I have to get my hairs cut this weekend. Any thoughts on local talent? I'm looking for a place that is quality but not too expensive, where I can have a conversation with the stylist and feel as if he/she will listen to my concerns and come up with the best haircut for me. Please weigh in if you have a favorite.


woolanthropy said...

I saw a white poodle with peacock blue ears and poodle puffs walking down Sunset Blvd. I wanted to take a picture but I was driving. It's like an easter parade of animals.

Annika said...

I have a gift card for Floyd's and I'm planning on going to the one in Studio City (the cuts there come recommended). Want to come along? I think it's about $25.

jenna! said...

I know one of the chicks I work with LOVES Floyd's. So there's that. Also, didn't Faith love the place she went? Was it Frenchy's?

Ellen Bloom said...

The purple dog and green cat are amazing. I'm still looking for the pink poodle in Paris!