Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Closed Captioning for the technologically impaired

My friend, Criss, bought me an HD converter for my TV for Christmas. You may know I was boycotting the whole digital conversion thing on principle. I resented having to buy something in order to get free TV. What's with the government saying television has to be digital and those of us who choose not to spend our paychecks on cable have to get a converter. Bullshit!

So, yeah, I was going to be sans TV come February. Criss said she got it so that I could still want "America's Next Top Model" and keep my principles since I didn't pay for the converter. Anywho, I went home last night and hooked it up (after watching Jeopardy, of course). I followed the instructions completely. RF In, RF Out--Video In, Video Out, red and white audio cables to red and white audio connections. It couldn't be easier. Except that it's not that easy. While the picture is lovely when it's getting a good signal, which for now is only NBC and only when I have the antenna away from the TV and facing west, I have no sound. Wait, that's not entirely true. I have the most annoying droning hum. By turning my television volume up and then using the volume button on the converter's remote, I was able to make out some dialog, but not without the droning hum. I put it on mute, which toned down the drone a bit, but it was still there. I spent two hours switching cables this way and that and never got sound. I did, however, discover the closed captioning button and was able to watch "Law & Order: SVU."

The converter does have some cool features, like a zoom button and an info button like a cable box, and I'm sure once I get sound and find a place in the house that receives the best signal so I can get ABC, I'll be happy I have it. But for now, I'm frustrated. Is there anyone out there who has successfully hooked up their converter box and can give me advice? Or am I the last person in the world without cable (my non-TV watching friends, notwithstanding)? Who wants to come to my house and hook up my HD box? I will give you a Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Joe Joe--or two.


woolanthropy said...

That sounds soooo frustrating. I hope you can lure some techie with those joe joe's to set it up. Good luck!

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Aurgh. Technology - YUCK. I hate that stuff so much, I actually let the Jman take care of it. Good luck! AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!