Monday, December 08, 2008

Jamie does me proud

When the boss came in today, she asked me to deliver some packages to a house in La Crescenta. "LA CRESCENTA," my head screamed. "Jamie will never make it." The boss said I could take her car, but seriously, I'd rather be stuck on the side of the freeway with Jamie than risk an accident in the boss's car. I figured I'd just stay in the slow lane and keep it under 60. Mind you I had no idea where La Crescenta was except that that's where my former Tower boss lives. The boss said, "It's like, Pasadena." Well, I don't know much, but I know it is definitely NOT Pasadena. I googled. I printed. I gathered the packages and hit the road at 1pm.
I took the 2 all the way to Foothill Blvd, then up to the street toward the house. And up and up and up and--Holy Cow--this woman lives on the top of the freakin' mountain. No, really. Waaaay up to the top of the mountain, past the signs warning of mountain lion attacks in the area, I slowly made my way--past Pine Cone Road, Pine Glen Road, Pinelawn Drive, Pine-sol Way (just kidding), but honestly, could they think of more Pine names? When I turned onto her road, I went up further into the mountain. Her house was at the end of the street. Damn! But do you know what? My Jamie, poor little banged up, birth defect engine, Jamie, made it all the way to the top of that mountain without a hitch. And then she made it back down. Down was a whole lot easier.

Since it was lunch time, I stopped at a strip mall for some eats. KFC, Pizza, Weight Watchers...way to go, La Canada Flintridge. My favorite part? Drive-thru Milk Store!!
I was hoping it would take hours to run this errand so I could just go home, but it only took an hour. Rats! That's okay, I chose to be happy today no matter what so I had a good day.


Anne-Marie said...

Yay Happy! I am having a happy day today as I wasnt too happy yesterday and I felt crappy for it.

Also, can you email me your address as I realised I dont know where to send your package, which is still not quite a package. I suck, I accept that, but I promise there will be a package at some point I have just been stupidly busy what with the moving house and such.

Ellen Bloom said...

Yayyy for Jamie! La Crescenta, Montrose, etc. are really beautiful areas. So close to the City, but in the mountains!

I was at that very same strip mall at a Starbucks last week to get my cabled-knit coffee mugs!!!