Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day Two--laundry is overrated (actually three, if you count Friday, which I didn't)

You'll be happy to know (as will my sister, who reads this) that I did not have to post bail and the niece made it home in one piece. As I attempted to make coffee without a filter*, Lisi decided t0 "rest her eyes" on the sofa.

Five hours later when she woke up, it was kind of late to start laundry, so instead we made some grub. After a healthy salad, Lisi got out the pretzels and mustard. Then, it was carrots and vinaigrette. This girl knows how to snack. "Oh, let's make that chocolate guacamole," she said. Off to Pavilions we went to get some avocados and chips (because we decided that regular guacamole was in order, too). "Let's sit on the sofa, watch movies and eat snacks," she suggested. Whatever you want, kid. It's your vacation. Well, it's mine, too, I guess; I'm always down with movies and snacks. The first movie--Point Break. Yeah, I know, but you haven't lived until you've seen Anthony Kiedis shoot himself in the foot and heard such memorable lines as "She was my woman, man." Baz Lurman's "Romeo & Juliet" is on deck, but Lisi has fallen asleep. I'd forgotten how much teenagers eat and sleep.

Lisi has decided we need to eat guacamole every day. I will not argue. We absolutely have to do laundry tomorrow. Maybe.

*I used an organic cotton bag and it worked like a charm.


Ellen Bloom said...

Lisi is adorable! Does she knit or crochet? Will you bring her to the WeHo SnB?

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Laundry *IS* overrated. Once I realized that, I freed up my life considerably. Well, not really, but foregoing laundry and guac every day? Sounds like a perfect little slice of heaven to me!!