Sunday, March 01, 2009

The weak end

I am the poster child for lazy. No, really. It's time I admit it. I spent most of yesterday in bed (until noon at least--possibly longer), ventured off to Rite Aid for toiletries, then back home to plop on the sofa to finish a few projects. (Inspired by Annika, I'm going to try to finish all my UFOs this month)

Somehow in all my inactivity, I pulled something in my neck. It hurts like crazy. I had the heat pack on it to no avail. OTC painkillers aren't cutting it either. However, this didn't stop me from having a productive Sunday. I took Jamie to get an oil change (and a turn signal light, which as far as I can tell is still broken). I did laundry with everyone else in Hollywood. Seriously, I've never seen the laundromat so busy. I guess word got out about the kind owner who buys donuts and Snapple. Then, on my way back home, I spotted Frau Pita and her son pulling up in front of the house and make a hasty decision to visit Unwind. (Hi Emily!!) I needed a size 8, 16" Addi circular anyway. I also picked up some lovely angora blend yarn that was simply irresistible. You know, if I had a better landlady, I'd have more money. Avoiding Frau is expensive.

Speaking of avoiding Frau, the nice couple downstairs (next to Latina Gladys Kravitz) is moving out today. Alejandro told me "so many problems, you know. It's just better to go." I hear ya, Alejandro. I hear ya. I hope they have a better landlord at their new place. I wonder who our new neighbors will be?

Back to work tomorrow and I really have to knuckle down and finish a bunch of projects. The boss is back in town on Wednesday but not coming in until Friday (why? I hope we can talk her into staying home).

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