Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Is it still March? Why is it still March?!

And more importantly, why did I make a foolish statement like, "I'm going to finish my unfinished knitting projects this month"? Of the projects that were started prior to March 1st, I have finished two--Criss's hat, which in all honesty should have taken one day, and Stella's baby sweater, which taught me the invaluable lesson of "finish the sleeves at the same time" because one sleeve is longer than the other. TWO--out of something like 10-15! Wait, I cast on and finished a project, so I'm going to count that. So, three finished projects for the month of March. Woo Hoo! I've been working like crazy on this double knit hat, which I had to frog and start over because the circumference was all wrong. I'm up to the color work now and it's kicking my ass. It was all well and good to use three colors on a swatch, but on a full hat with multiple repeats, it's a tangle of yarn. This may or may not have been affected by my marathon viewing of Battlestar Galactica (I'm up to the end of Season 2.0, so don't spoil it). So what am I going to do about it? Cast on for another project to gain some perspective. I'm a crazy knitter like that.

Also, you know you've been watching too much BSG when you have dreams of surviving a Cylon-type attack and living in an abandoned apartment building with others in the Resistance movement. You know you're a crazy crafter when, in that dream, you grab a ball of green yarn and a size H crochet hook to make a hat while it's your turn to keep watch for the Cylons.

In other news, my beautiful niece, Elyse, arrives today. TODAY!!!! Oh My God! My apartment is not clean enough!!! Oh well, she'll just have to deal with it. Expect updates from two crazy Sagittarian Gals on the Town. And the following week (April 8th) The Roy arrives with the Dark Mistress Hawthorne in tow for more Sagittarian* hi jinks. Laters!

*One of my other nephews is also a Sagittarius. Four Sags in one family--two in November and two in December. We're taking over. Of course, I was here first. The others are just trying to be cool like me.


Annika said...

I didn't finish much either. APRIL! April is for UFOs!

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

:) It's *barely* still March. I'm just sayin...

Have a great time with Elyse (*such* a great name - WMG's middle name), and THE ROY?!?! I expect to hear all about it (albeit a month or two later).