Thursday, November 05, 2009

Back at work

I am still sick, but I had to come to work in order to get stuff done for the fundraiser next week. I walked into my office to find a bag of candy corn, two bags of mellowcreme pumpkins and a bag of "autumn mix," which contains my second favorite candy--the candy corn with the chocolate layer. Can I swallow without pain? No. Did this stop me from eating candy corn? Have you met me?

As for actual work, I got precious little done. My head is not in the game. I did find out that one of my co-workers has the exact same symptoms as me. Neither one of us thinks it's the flu. I also managed to get some knitting in at the reception desk, so all was not lost.

And there is a bucket of Dubble Bubble bubble gum on the receptionist's counter courtesy of the program department for Happy Week (it's a moral booster thing we do), which brought back some great memories for everyone. One summer, my BFF Joann and I chewed a whole lotta Dubble Bubble so that she could send the wrappers in for prizes. She got a duffle bag, a T-shirt, and a beach towel. Joey loved the Dubble Bubble and had a very indulgent father.

My sister sent me a treasure trove of photos for Vintage Photo Friday; almost too many for the weeks I have left. I'll have to decide what stays and what gets saved for another time. One set will have to get a post of their own. See you tomorrow!


woolanthropy said...

You are a trooper for going into work. However, I am more impressed by your ability to eat candy corn. There is something addictively evil about them. I bought one bag for Halloween and it is never ending. It's like it fills itself back up every night, even though I am eating it by the handfuls all day long. truly evil.

If you are still feeling under the weather I posted a link to homemade nyquil you might want to try. Hopefully you are much improved today and you won't need it. Maybe the magic is in the candy corns.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Hah. I have a (small) bag o' candy corn given to me by one of our vendors. It sits on the edge of my desk and taunts me.

Ellen Bloom said...

Oooooo...candy corn is my fave too.
HOWEVER, I do not believe that candy corn is a good medicine for the flu! Start eating fruits and veggies, my Dear, drinking fruit juice and other liquids...including Natalie's flu potion with Southern Comfort. Take care of yourself!!!