Friday, November 13, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday--I'm tired as all get out, but y'all need to see my unbearable cuteness

The big, gigantic, pull-our-hair-out-until-it's-over Fundraiser is tomorrow. TOMORROW!! I have to get a mani/pedi in the morning and I was contemplating a haircut but do I have time to run to Studio City and get it done before 1pm? I think not. Hm....

So, here's some adorable school photos from 1st grade through 5th, and then some additional photos just because. Please note: my 6th grade photo was so horrible as to redefine the very word "horrible." No one shall see it.
And then we jump to...You've seen it before, but this time in color.

I spent a lot of contemplative time in my youth. Not that I didn't have friends or like to be with people; I just liked to spend time alone...and apparently on my front porch.

I'm actually sitting with a spelling workbook. Yeah, it's summer vacation. What of it? I told you I like words. I was probably practicing my penmanship, too. I did a lot of that.
years later...same porch, still in need of a paint job. I'm playing with a broken car antenna. For some reason, I really liked playing with it. This was back when they still did that telescoping thing.And just because I like this photo of the neighborhood kids. A reporter from the local paper happened by while we were playing a dice game on the front porch. "Take our picture!" we begged. So he did. From left to right: my brother Roy (father to the infamous nephew Roy), my sister, Kate ( in her awkward years), BFF Joann (Lewis) Wallie, Kevin Jones (he lived two doors down), and me, with rare short hair (if I weren't all slouchy, you'd see it's chin length).

Next week--Teen Angel


Ellen Bloom said...

Great pix! I'd recognize you anywhere, really haven't changed all that much!

Have a great time at the fundraiser!

woolanthropy said...

Awesome photos.

You had quite the front porch gang.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Agreed. Even as a baby, you've always had that particular L-A look about you. I seriously DOUBT that your 6th Gr pic is as bad as you say, but I defer to the self-perception genie.

And also? Love the porch. I've always wanted one like that, just for hangin'.