Saturday, November 07, 2009

My Farm is possessed

Facebook users who play with the Farmville will get a kick out of this. Last week, I had a plot of land that was growing things super fast. Like I planted the pumpkins and they were instantly withered. They're supposed to take 8 hours to grow. I plowed them over and planted wheat, a three-day plant. It instantly went to 48% grown. Clearly, that plot was under some evil influences, so I deleted and plowed again. It's fine now.

So, just now I checked in, you know, to harvest my plants and check on the animals. I was harvesting my squash when all of a sudden, one of the ducks starts walking around. What the? When did the animals start moving on their own? One of my horses then started walking around. Then the chickens got all bunched together and when I clicked on them to collect the eggs it said, "this animal is busy." Doing what, you filthy fowl? All this independent movement has led to some interesting animal placement.What are that sheep and that goat doing, I ask you? It's not natural. Also, please note I'm being attacked by bunnies like "Night of the Lepus."
Then there were these pigs...I don't want to know.My farm's gone rogue.

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MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Okay, now I know how the muggles feel when we talk about knitting...