Saturday, November 28, 2009

My head's a mess

Yesterday afternoon I took a nap. It was going to be a quick one since "She's Crafty" comes on at 4:30 and I'm obsessed with that show. Three hours later, I woke up dazed with a headache. I went to brush my hair to put it up and--OW!--there's a bump on top of my head. Not quite a goose egg, mind you, but definite swelling and pain. What the hell happened while I was sleeping?!?

I took some Excedrin and settled in for some bad TV. I fell asleep later and woke up at exactly 3:20 from a dream in which I was helping to remodel some house and accidentally let a priceless fish go down the drain while cleaning the aquarium. Okay.

I went to bed for real and woke up every hour at exactly 20 minutes past the hour with dreams of living in some dystopian society, but different scenes each time. At one point I remember some renegades had my mother held hostage. They were returning her and all the adults in the house were coming out front to show support and to show the bad guys that we had greater numbers than they did. There were children in the house so I shouted, "No, some of you have to stay here and guard the other entrances. Haven't you ever seen that Billy Jack movie*?" Yeah, weird, I know. But sure enough, the renegades had people trying to sneak in the back way to steal the kids. You can't fool dream me.

Finally, at 8:20 I gave up and just stayed up. My head still hurts and it's cold like the Tundra in here. I've inadvertently discovered that when the temperature in my apartment drops to 63 degrees and below, one of my smoke detectors starts beeping. Once the temperature rises above 63, it stops. I wonder why? It's just the one detector, too. None of the others join the chorus. Curious.

*In the movie, the bikers make a big scene in this guy's front lawn and when he runs out to see what's going on, some of them sneak in the back door and kidnap his daughter.


Ellen Bloom said...

What in the world have you been drinking? TOo much Nyquil? Wild dreams....a screenplay may be in order! Feel better.

woolanthropy said...

I think a gnome kicked you in the head while you were sleeping and then slipped you a mickey. Crazy stuff.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Snarf. Damned gnomes!!! No doubt one of 'em sought to put his right foot, and whopped you on that side of your face... (great movie)

Sorry your feelin poorly, but thanks for making me seem like less a freak o' the dreams!!