Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ferris Wheel of Ick (and other things that are catchy)

I was sick for pretty much two weeks before the cough finally left. I still had residual scratchiness and my voice was kind of off, but otherwise I felt fine. Others in the office ran the gamut of sickness as well, but as of last Friday, the day before the fundraiser, all were feeling fine. Then, we ran around all day without coats, and while it was warm in the afternoon, by evening it was darn chilly. On Monday, Mirna, who sat next to me all night Saturday, announced she wasn't feeling great. Tuesday, she had a slight cough. Yesterday, she went home early and called back at 4:00 to say she'd be out today. Today, I woke up with a little roughness in swallowing. Drat! Will it never end? Every time I feel better, someone else is sick and spreading their Ick to the whole office.
I also woke up 15 minutes before I was supposed to be at work, which is 30 minutes away. Uh, I was dressed and out the door in 10 minutes and only slightly late to work, thanks to my extensive use of back roads. Fortunately, one of the gift bag items from Saturday's event was Activate water, which we still have tons of in my office. I grabbed a bottle of Energy (with yerba mate and other fine extracts) and later a bottle of Immunity (with vitamin C, echinacea and zinc). I'm feeling fine now, and hopefully I can continue to ward off the evil spirits.
Know what else I'm hoping to ward off? Babies! One of our directors has a 3-month old son, and now there are three more women in our office expecting, all just about the same number of weeks along, not to mention a few offsite ladies in the family way. Apparently, pregnancy is contagious. Who knew? Now I know that certain events are necessary to become pregnant (Shut up! It could happen.), but I am not taking any chances and have been careful not to get too close to these gals. Maybe it's something in the water?

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MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Yeah, DEFINITELY stick to the bottled water with fancy extracts to ward off unwanted evil beasties. Srsly. We have those contagions every few years around here, too, and it is SCARE-REEEEEEEEE!!!