Monday, July 25, 2011

I survived Comic Con 2011. But more importantly, so did my feet!

I've wanted to go to Comic Con for some time now, ever since I realized it was much more than just comics.  Because, you see, I'm not so much with the comic books.  I love me some science fiction, though, and dystopian futures and writers of such.  And, I do love cartoons--particularly adult cartoons.  So, after many years of "we should go to Comic Con," I finally got to go.  Four days of Nerdtastic Geektacular Fun.  And 120,000 like minded friends. I may have gotten a little silly and let my fan flag fly.
Transformer head--Judy Greer loved it.
Dragon Ball Z hair

                                           Horribly Adorable at the Dr. Horrible's Sing -a-long Blog screening 

Those who have attended could probably give me some tips on how to manage this next year, but first...the lines! OMG, the lines.  If you had a particular panel or screening you want to see, you'd better get in line two panels ahead of time to get in.  I sat through several interesting panels while waiting for the ones I really wanted.  I learned about Activision's new Spiderman and X-Men games, while listening to Katee Sackoff, Laura Vandervoort, and Val Kilmer (who had the nicest hair of the three).  I learned who Jim Steranko is and  how he got into comics.  I saw a panel on Clone Wars, Gears of War 3 (video game), and a collection of animated shorts brought to us by Spike and Mike (though they were not Sick and/or Twisted--we missed that one).  And I learned about the Wild Cards book series while waiting for Nathan Fillion and the Castle cast. I knew about George R.R. Martin because of his Song of Ice and Fire books, but I hadn't heard of the series.  Now, I can't wait to read them. 

Because I didn't bring my real camera and my cell kept dying, these are the only photos I managed to snag.  They're not good quality. 
Giant Smurfs are scary.

21 and 24 from The Venture Brothers
One of the many amazing Legos figures

Adam West!!
Christopher Moore is made of awesome.

An Ass-cracking good time was had by many.


MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Mmmmm. Val Kilmer (how's he looking these days?!) and Nathan Fillion!! I'd say a weekend full of WIN!

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Hmm. Just clicked on the hot link. Yeah, Val, I still love ya. But cut yer damned hair!

Jaclyn said...

You look like a kid in these pictures! Especially the Transformers pic. We need to discuss your skin cleansing routine because I want in on your non-aging secrets!!!