Friday, July 01, 2011

Last-Minute Laurie Ann

That should be my new nickname. Why? Because I'm leaving on a jet plane to beautiful Pennsyltucky tomorrow and I still haven't packed. In fact, I'm still waiting for some shirts to dry. I have to dye my hair in the morning (the roots, they are scary). I have to gather my toiletries (no more than 3oz each and all in a quart-sized plastic bag). I have to decide which knitting projects to bring for that four-hour layover in Detroit. I have to charge the Kindle, the iPod, the phone, and remember to pack all the charging cords so I can charge when I'm there. I have to write down all the recipes* I need for my godson's graduation bash next Saturday. (His mother and I will be cooking, and drinking, and cooking, and probably a whole lot more drinking, for a good portion of Friday). I have to hide the good silver in case my creepy visitor, who is actually the Frau** (I got the dirt from Gladys Kravitz downstairs) decides to visit while I'm away and rob me blind. Come to think of it, I think I'll stow the computer at my friend's house. So much to do. Things are going swimmingly.

*Speaking of recipes, I wanted to make my mother's famous macaroni salad for the party. It's Legen--wait for it--dary. I was planning on making her potato salad, too. Guess what? Apparently Joanie never wrote those down. It was all in her head. I could wing it from memory. I know the macaroni salad had sliced green olives, which was my favorite part. But I think I'll see if my sister or brother wrote it down at some point. I'm almost sure Katie did.

**Speaking of creepy intruder of the old German woman kind, Gladys told me that Frau was the one who moved the mug (well, she didn't know that part, but told me she was up here). Yesterday I came home to find the hall light on. Since I never use that light, I assumed it was Frau (although still a little creeped out). Gladys told me the building codes inspector came, but didn't get to see my apartment since I wasn't home. She saw Gladys' though and made all kinds of notes about the mold, the leaks, the heater that doesn't work, the ceiling that's about to collapse, the faulty wiring...I could go on. It's a death trap (it's a suicide rap, we've gotta get out while we're young, 'cause tramps like us, baby we were born to ruuuuuun.) Anywho, the inspector was mad and told Gladys she's filing this and sending Frau a letter. She'll be back in three weeks. So, anyway, Frau came upstairs with a plumber (A Real One!!) to see what needs to be fixed before the inspector comes back. Woo Hoo!

Doesn't matter; I got a raise. I'm going to save the increase amount and move the hell out of this craptastic abode soon enough.

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