Friday, December 23, 2005

Chairperson of The Bored

No one in the corporate office. No one in the label or distribution offices. No one in the store. I am so stinking bored. I actually made an envelope out of blue paper just so I could draw Liquid Paper(R) snowpeople and snowflakes on it.

Lunch today with the boss. First, there was lipstick on our glasses. Then, about four pieces of bread in the basket. No beverages until I asked. And then, when I asked them to wrap the leftovers to go, they threw them away. Fortunately, this is a pretty nice place so the chef made me a little portion of my pasta to take with me. That was nice.

Note to self: Don't stop at Ralphs before you eat breakfast.

Did I mention I'm bored? I've had about two hours of sleep because I was out late showing a friend my car and he couldn't get out of work until 3:30ish, so I'm also pretty sleepy. Speaking of said friend....he peed with the bathroom door open. I'm just a little taken aback by this because he's a fairly private person, not prone to showing the goods or anything, and certainly never in the many years we've been acquainted has he ever gone pee and left the bathroom door open. We weren't in mid-conversation, which would have been understandable. There was no other sound to drown out the obvious sound of a man peeing. And he didn't seem even slightly fazed by the fact that he did this. I wanted to say something but it was late, he was annoyed and we've been getting along really well lately. At least he washed his hands.


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