Thursday, December 08, 2005

Droppy has a secret.

Droppy is apparently the name of the animated lemon drop in Joy dishwashing liquid advertisements, and he's a secretive bastard, too. He doesn't share with just anyone. No, you have to buy a ridiculously small bottle of lemon Joy at the liquor store for the outrageous price of $3.49 because you don't feel comfortable washing the coffee pot and several mugs with hand soap, and THEN, you have to be bored enough to read the back label of the overpriced bottle.
What is his secret? Oh, you think I'm gonna tell you so you don't have to shell out your hard-earned cash? Hells, no.
Okay, I'm a pushover. His secret is that he adds natural citrus extracts to each bottle of Joy.
oooo, don't let that leak out to the press.

By the way, there is a dead potato bug in the basement. The boys have erected a shrine to it, with a candle and a rose. It is the ugliest damn bug ever. Seriously, bring on the roaches. They are downright cute next to "Pete" as the boys have named him. Don't believe me?

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