Sunday, December 18, 2005

I'd rather be knitting

I have finished off two more scarves for the ladies of Troublemakers, Inc., and I have three more to go before Tuesday. Will I make it? It's doubtful, but I'll try.

Don't you just love the Sound of Music? I don't care if it's wholesome and cheesy and I've seen it a million times (okay, about 30 times) but I love that movie. I love when the Captain gets all choked up singing "Adelweiss" and Maria jumps in to help him. I love when the nuns vandalize the Nazis' cars so they can't follow the Von Trapps. I love "My Favorite Things". I love to hate the conniving Baronness. Oh, The Hills are alive....

Drunken Ho acosted me at the bus stop today. I'm standing there minding my own beeswax waiting for the trusty Westwood 2, when I hear this whisky-soaked voice behind me say "would ya look at that. My zipper is down. I had no f*&$ing idea. LOOK!". I turned to look, don't ask, and sure enough, her zipper is down. So I said to her, "are you gonna take care of that?" and, I swear, Tina, if you're reading this, I am not making it up, she looked at me and said "BAH!" then walked away and as far as I can tell, never pulled up her zipper.

Tomorrow, potentially Blog-title-changing events are afoot. Stay tuned...

OH--PS: Pete the Dead Potato Bug is decomposing. Actually, he's drying and shriveling, but it's just as gross as decomposing (as if he wasn't horrific enough). It's the gift that keeps on giving. Please, for the love of all that is sacred and holy, someone get rid of that bug.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, now that the bug is mummified, it's not so scary.