Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Turmoil--It's What's For Dinner

Turmoil: a state or condition of extreme confusion, agitation, or commotion.

State of Confusion: How the hell am I going to schedule 15 two-day inventories in 30 days, leaving at least four days freight time for scanners to ship to Las Vegas, and not schedule big stores on new release days or the week that the national sales changeover.

Condition of Agitation: After playing hooky and having dinner with my fellow delinquent classmates, I couldn't sleep. I was agitated. Why are men jerks? Okay, not all men, but there are sure a lot of jerks out there. And why do we lovely, vibrant women compromise ourselves for these jerks. I'm just as guilty as the next gal. I put up with bullshit from a man (or two) who put me down, made me feel like I was the problem, I wasn't worthy, I should be grateful he even deigned to look in my direction in the first place. But then after all is said and done, I realized it wasn't me at all, it was HIM. HE was an idiot who had low self-esteem, couldn't stand that I was smarter than him, couldn't grow up long enough to realize that there is more to a relationship than partying and I'm much better off without his crap! YA YA!
To all my sisters out there, straighten that backbone, hold your head high, walk out the door and know that YOU ARE WORTH SO MUCH MORE THAN HE'S WILLING TO GIVE. And we all love you, so come cry on our shoulders when it gets rough. Next time we'll pick a place that serves adult beverages, though.

State of Commotion: Oh My God. Who slept with whom? Who doesn't get along because of some perceived slight five years ago? I thought we were having a Christmas party, not planning the seating arrangement for the Oscar party. Jeepers Creepers, people. Get over it.

I'm cranky. Can you tell?

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