Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Payroll giveth and the payroll taketh away

On my last paycheck, they paid me for one hour of vacation time. I didn't understand it, but I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. Today, they took unpaid me for one hour of vacation time. My check is already short hours on account of (that's for you, Ned) Tami's being sick and all. Dang! I don't have nowheres near enough (that's also for you, Ned. Don't tell ME we don't talk this way in Pennsyltucky) hours to cover the bills and buy myself something purty.

I'm looking at my Year To Date gross and thinking, "there is no way in hell I made that much money this past year. Where did it all go?" I have 11 hours of sick time left. (cough cough) I'm feeling mighty poorly. (cough) Perhaps I should stay home tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, our corporate office has a half day and they're closed Monday. I mentioned to my boss, since I'm getting hosed on my paid holiday (Christmas is on Sunday), maybe I could take Monday off? Mr. I'm-on-salary-and-have-no-sympathy-for-you-hourly-people said, "well, I wouldn't say your getting hosed. You don't have to work Christmas do you?" No, but regardless of what day Christmas was, I wouldn't be working it. However, if it were on a week day, I'd be getting paid not to work it. Sheesh! Guess I'll be here on Monday. Crap!

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