Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Too many Lauries

Back when I was growing up in Pennsyltucky, I was the only Laurie I knew. There was a Lori in my brother's grade, but that didn't count. A Laura, but that wasn't quite it either. People would try to buy my sister and me things with our names on it and I can't tell you how many times I faked a smile and a Thank You for a Laura item. Kate had it easy. She went by Kathy in those days. Kathy was popular. Inside I would scream at the top of my lungs "MY NAME IS NOT LAURA!!! IT'S LAURIE! DO YOU HEAR ME? I-E!!!" I know, Tami with an I and Joann, one word with no e, it was hard on you too. But at least Tammy and Joanne sound like your name. Laura and Laurie are not the same name with a different spelling. They are two entirely different names. As I grew, I embraced my uniqueness. Lauries were few and far between. Oh sure, there was Laurie Pastor who came late to NDHS, but she (gasp) didn't like our name and went by Lori. Yes, I had a pretty good run at being one of the few, and dare I say special in our rarity, Lauries in the greater Pocono area. Then I moved to California.
Laurie, it seems, is more popular on the West Coast. In fact, Lori is the rarity out here. And I know two, count them, two girls with the exact same first, middle, and last name as me! Oh, the indignity of it all. How I wish I were Tami with an I or Joann, one word with no e.
I'm just plain old me...Laurie.

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MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

We have two (2!) Lori's in our office. No Laurie's, tho. Perhaps you should get a job here. (They pay hourlies for holidays!) In the many places I lived, I was the only Denise, except for 8th grade, where there was this BEEEEYATCCHH who was mean to me all the time, probably b/c I had the audacity to share the name. I still remember her beeyatchy heart-shaped face.