Saturday, December 03, 2005

Colder than a witch's bosom in a brass brassiere

Holy Crap it's cold in here. I'm trying to type a boatload of things that need to be done by Monday at noon (ish) but I'm numb. Yeah, make fun of me if you will Easterners, but it's dang nippy for LA.

So, big things are a brewing in my little mind, folks. I don't want to say much for fear of jinxing things but I've got plans. Big plans. You'll see. I also have misgivings. Big misgivings.
They say you should never make any big decisions or get a hair cut while you're (avert your eyes, sensitive male readers) having your period. Well, most of my biggest decisions and best haircuts have happened during that time of the month, so phooey on that. I'm making decisions and, well, not getting a haircut, but decsions, boy howdy!
Misgivings? Well, you see, for all the whining I did about Mr. Man a few posts ago, I'm a bit of a Procratination Jones. For instance, I should have done laundry today, but you know, I just didn't feel like dragging my clothes four blocks to the laundromat and sitting there for two hours. I haven't felt like doing that for so long that I'm down to the clothes that I normally reserve for going to the laundromat only purposes. You get the picture. I have a history of falling short of the mark and, well, I'm a little worried I'll do the same this time around.

But I'm older now, and allegedly wiser. I feel like I can break the habit and succeed this time. I'm going for it. I can do it.

"Do what?", you ask. Stay tuned.

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