Monday, February 20, 2006

I hate being cold.

Outside it's sweatshirt cold. In my office it's shearing-lined parka cold, and don't forget the mittens. I have opted for the ceramic mug over my usual travel mug just so I can thaw my fingers by holding it. My rings are falling off my fingers. I am cold to my core and typing is a difficult task. I hate being this cold. I need a space heater or something. I hate to sound like a wuss to my Midwest and East Coast family, but it's seriously cold in here.

I hate being ma'amed to death. There's an assistant who is constantly saying "yes, ma'am" after everything I say. "I need you to fax that." "yes, ma'am" "and email me the spreadsheet" "yes, ma'am" "and quit calling me ma'am" "yes, ma'am". I realize he was in the military and it's meant to be respectful, but it drives me up the wall. Especially since I'm only five years older than this guy. I actually dread getting this guy on the phone because I know I'm going to have to wade through a sea of ma'ams to get to the point. It's like that friend who can't say a sentence without adding "ya know". After a while, you get used to the ya knows and you mentally filter them out. Well, ma'am is just so grating that I have a hard time filtering it out.

I found myself in the pet food aisle in the grocery store this weekend pricing food and accessories and working through my budget to see if I could realistically afford a pet. I want a kitty. I know, allergies, but I really think I could work through that. I want a dog too, but I know I don't have time for a dog and it wouldn't be fair to him/her. It doesn't help that a label guy sent out an email about "who wants to adopt a puppy?" with pictures attached. Could you resist these guys?

a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Dachshund mix
and a basket full of Golden Retrievers
Can you stand how freaking adorable they are? I mean, six pups in a basket. It's greeting card cute. and Dallas? I just want to pet his little head and nuzzle him to pieces. I can feel his fuzzy, puppy warmness right through the screen.
I have to clean my apartment first and pay off another credit card. Then, maybe, I'll see about a pet.


miss kendra said...

get a caged animal.

much easier.

Laurie Ann said...

Like a lion or tiger?