Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I need a good...(fill in the blank)

The Work-Hospital-School routine is taking its toll on me. I yelled at my boss the day before he is to write my review. Guess I can kiss that raise goodbye. Great! The man had it coming, though. Seriously, how many times have I told him to do a print preview before he hits the button. He knows better. But no, I have to stand next to the printer hitting "job cancel" for 20 minutes because he just hit "print" all willy nilly on a 30 tab, 95 page Excel workbook. Idiot!

If Saturday's boob extravaganza has taught me anything it's this: I need bras. Everyone else's looked so much better than mine. Dang!

Here's the scarf I knitted while waiting at the hospital during Tami's surgery. It's a little thicker than it probably should be, but I like it. Yes, I block on the back of my ugly ass sofa (it was free).
It's a wool/ alpaca blend, in case you're wondering about the yarn.

Having nothing else to say and no energy to remain in this building, I bid you all good day. Au revoir. A bientot.

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